2023 SCAN Committees

Membership & Public Relations

Description: Facilitates membership growth and retention and fosters engagement with current members. Utilizes communication and marketing tools to connect SCAN Association with prospective and current members

Key Responsibilities:

  • Membership Recruitment, Onboarding, Engagement, Retention
  • Membership Benchmarking
  • Membership Training & Education
  • Social Media, Newsletter/Communications, & website management

Committee Chair: Michelle, Floyd, The Home Depot

2023 Committee Members: 

  • Summer Backstrom, SCAN Association
  • Dave Blackorby, SCAN Association
  • Morgan Ethington, BSI Group

Audit Management

Description: Builds comprehensive audit approach driving standardization and compliance.  Reviews and updates tools as security requirements change

(See Key Responsibilities Here)

Committee Chair: Lesa Hubbard, JC Penney

2023 Committee Members: 

  • Dave Blackorby, SCAN Association
  • Nancy Doan, H-E-B
  • Michelle Floyd, The Home Depot
  • Ken McElroy, Retired The Home Depot
  • Kandace Niemi, REI
  • Chad Plants, Newell Brands
  • Shelley Sjerven, BSI Group
  • Emily Vedaa, Columbia Sportswear

Audit Service Providers

Description: Best in class service providers administer consistent, high quality, and efficient security audit services to supplement the unique and dynamic supply chains of every SCAN member

Key Responsibilities:

  • SCAN KPI Management
  • Issue Escalation
  • Liaison with SCAN Program Management Team
  • Service Provider Contracts
  • Service Provider Training
  • KPI Management

Committee Chair: Scott Hannaford, Canadian Tire

2023 Committee Members: 

  • David Blackorby, SCAN Association
  • Morgan Ethington, BSI Group
  • Daniel Kim, Walt Disney Company
  • Doug Hyland, Nordstrom
  • Farzana Nasim, Burlington

Information Technology

Description: Enable association strategies through technology solutions and identify development opportunities to drive efficiencies in process and membership needs

Key Responsibilities:

  • Liaison With Technology Partners
  • Identify Technology Priorities
  • Support IT Research & Development
  • IT Integration & Security

Committee Chair: Jodi Nesbitt, Meijer

2023 Committee Members: 

  • Dave Blackorby, SCAN Association
  • Mark Manshack, Burlington
  • Fredy Recinos, JC Penny
  • Shelley Sjerven, BSI Group

Logistics Service Providers

Description: Provides a platform for Logistics Service Providers to reduce audit fatigue, support CTPAT profile reviews, and illustrate key product offerings using standardized self-assessments

Key Responsibilities:

  • Logistics Service Provider Self Assessments
    • Scored: Measuring level of compliance with CBP’s minimum security criteria
    • Un-scored: Common industry-requested metrics
  • LSP Future Block Chain Engagement
  • LSP Future on-site and immersive audit development

Committee Chair: Danielle Saunders, Hasbro

2023 Committee Members: 

  • Summer Backstrom, SCAN Association
  • Dave Blackorby, SCAN Association
  • Lesa Hubbard, JC Penney
  • Ken McElroy, The Home Depot
  • Tony Pelli, BSI Group
  • Dan Purtell, BSI Group
  • Danielle Saunders, Hasbro
  • Shelley Sjerven, BSI Group

Foreign Origins Committee 

Description: Assists the Board of Directors facilitate the education and training for factories, Suppliers, and Audit Service Providers (ASPs)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Shadowing onsite/immersive audit ASPs, to provide feedback to Audit and Service Provider Committees to allow for process improvements and continued education opportunities
  • Factory/Supplier training via virtual mini sessions
  • Facilitation of any SCAN onsite visits/training
  • SCAN Quarterly Newsletter
  • Supplier webpage on SCAN’s website

Committee Chair: Penny Tian, BSI Group

2023 Committee Members: 

  • Dave Blackorby, SCAN Association
  • Constance Chen, Best Buy
  • Kathy Coutts, Best Buy
  • Michelle Floyd, The Home Depot
  • Fredy Recinos, JC Penney
  • Shelley Sjerven, BSI Group
  • Kelsey Liu, The Home Depot
  • Bao, Luong Tung, Columbia Sportswear


The Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN) is an association of companies with global supply chains who collectively develop and manage global security audit standards to reduce audit fatigue and redundancy by way of a confidential risk management platform.

We need your help to drive our development and success by joining the association and participating in our committees. Together we will improve audit efficiencies through collaboration.

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