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SCAN & CBP Partnership Official!

Tuesday, March 26, 2024, Philadelphia

Today was a historical and momentous day for the SCAN organization. The Joint Statement between U.S. Customs and SCAN was formalized and signed this morning.

The signing parties were Acting CBP Commissioner Miller, Acting Executive Assistant Commissioner Diane Sabatino, SCAN Chair Jen Kissner and SCAN Vice Chair Ken McElroy.

This solidifies the relationship with CBP and the work on the action plan will begin immediately.

We are looking forward to the partnership with CBP!

-Jen Kissner, SCAN Chair

SCAN Announcements

SCAN Audit Assignment Process Update

October 2020 – Effective November 1, 2020, updates to SCAN audit request process take effect or all audit type requests (onsite, immersive, supplier). These updates manage SCAN member growth and process order requests in a predictable and reliable manner.

ACTION NEEDED – SCAN Members: Review the SCAN Audit Assignments – SCAN Member Instructions document linked here. This documentation is your guide to successfully submit audit assignments.

Thank you for being a valued member of SCAN. Questions? Contact us at

August 2020 – The SCAN Association is pleased to announce the implementation of our SCAN program factory training! Our new one hour online training course will help SCAN members and associated SCAN factories become familiar with or refresh their understanding in preparing for a SCAN audit or for implementing corrective action plans. This training was updated to include all facets to implement CTPAT minimum security criteria into their supply chains.

To schedule a meeting with a SCAN representative, please emails us at

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September 2022CBP announces mutual recognition arrangement with Brazil

August 2022CBP highlights agricultural security as an area of high non-compliance

BSI is Providing Complimentary Access to In-depth COVID-19 Related Supply Chain Insights and Intelligence

April 2020 – BSI, the business improvement company, announced today that they are providing open access to the COVID-19 section of their Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN) tool.

SCREEN is a web-based, comprehensive global supply chain intelligence system available by subscription, which includes valuable information for companies to anticipate, quickly respond to, and avoid supply chain disruptions.

As referenced in BSI’s recently released Supply Chain Risk Insights 2020 Report, the COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the current fragility of global supply chains, wherein the failure of one link in the chain has the potential to cause extensive disruptions throughout.

As the pandemic has progressed, causing considerable disruption to every-day life and a negative impact on the workforce, companies have had to significantly re-evaluate their supply chains. Initially this was caused by the downtime and slowed restart of Chinese manufacturing, however the continued spread of the pandemic has led to complex and varied responses by individual governments to contain the virus, creating further disruptions and requiring businesses to adopt adaptive business continuity measures.

Whether this means that restaurants are closing their dining rooms and only providing carry-out and delivery, or hospitals restricting access to anyone other than critical patients, the New Not Normal is here and the need for comprehensive business continuity planning that considers all types of potential natural disasters, including disease outbreaks, has never been more acute.

Lessons learned from the COVID-19 outbreak about how to better mitigate disease spread and absorb delays to manufacturing and global shipping will shape how organizations and supply chains are effectively able to respond to other disruptions in the future.

For this reason, BSI is providing open access to SCREEN’s COVID-19 intelligence. “These insights will allow companies to sharpen their actions in the face of this crisis, focus their business continuity plans for their recovery and have a stronger continuity plan for the future,” said Jim Yarbrough, Global Intelligence Program Manager at BSI. “Our priority is to bring the global community reliable and actionable insights and information, curated by our team of experts, around COVID-19 to protect public health and mitigate business disruption.”

To view the SCREEN COVID-19 intelligence, visit:


Protecting the Supply Chain from Covert Attacks (White Paper) by Sealock

October 2019 – Protecting_the_Supply_Chain_from_Covert_Attacks_White_Paper_by_Sealock.28185250


SCAN Association featured in Loss Prevention Magazine article on 7/4/19

July 2019 – Click here to see Article


The Supplier Compliance Audit Network announces its support of the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism – Updated Minimum Security Criteria.

May 2019 – Newark, De.

Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN) as an organization of US and Canada based importers with a common goal of facilitation of international supply chain security compliance enthusiastically endorses the efforts of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to refresh and update the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) Minimum Security Criteria (MSC). SCAN has performed over 9000 supply chain security audits in the past 5 years and has a repository of 16000 factories locations. SCAN members participated in the Advisory Committee On Commercial Operations (COAC) that provided input and feedback during the drafting and review of new MSC. SCAN is looking forward to leading the socialization of the new MSC. SCAN intends to begin conducting audit in the 2nd half of 2019 utilizing the New MSC in an effort assess compliance lead in the completion of corrective and preventative action plans intended to prepare its members for audits and validations against these new criteria in 2020.

If you are interested in more information about SCAN please email Or Want to schedule a meeting with a SCAN Representative to learn more ++about the association and audit repository? Contact us directly at