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SCAN is comprised of a diverse group of importers both big and small. Member companies may be competitors in the market, but partners in the efforts to improve supply chain security.

SCAN is committed to creating a shared supply chain security audit program. SCAN will benefit both the member companies and the global suppliers who participate through fewer audits conducted and increased consistency among supply chain security expectations. This collaboration will lead to lower costs of goods for both parties.

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Member Benefits

SCAN will eliminate supplier audit fatigue by utilizing one agreed upon supply chain security audit to share among member companies. Learn More…

Our Members Include

Member companies may be competitors in the market but partners in the efforts to improve supply chain
security. Learn More…

Membership Types

SCAN provides multiple membership types to allow importers, transportation and logistics providers, and service providers to participate in developing the association. Learn More…

Supplier FAQs

Are you tired of continuously being audited? We have the answers to your questions.

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“SCAN is at the leading edge of supply chain security and has America’s most prominent retailers as members. The audits of vendors is consistent with CTPAT criteria and reaches all levels of the supply chain.”

Target – Tier lll CTPAT Member – received the following feedback in their revalidation report:

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