Supplier FAQs

Are you tired of continuously being audited? Then help promote the Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN) Association!

SCAN will eliminate your audit fatigue by utilizing one agreed upon supply chain security audit to share among their membership of importers that audit suppliers like you every year. This shared audit network will result in audit consistency and lower costs for you as the supplier and the organizations you work with. SCAN is committed to improving supply chain audit efficiencies, and we need your help to do it!

What kind of benefits will the SCAN Association bring me?

The SCAN Association can bring the following benefits to suppliers and factories that participate in the SCAN Audit Program:

  • Fewer frequency of supply chain security audit requests
  • Elimination of audit fatigue
  • Reduced overall audit costs due to fewer audit requests
  • A set standard for supply chain security audit requirements and corrective action plans

How can I as a supplier participate in the SCAN Association?

Suppliers of current SCAN Members have various options to participate in promoting their involvement with the association, such as opting in to have your SCAN Audit Results posted in the repository for other members to review, or providing information about the completed SCAN audit already available to clients outside of the association membership. These options will help you save money, and time as well as gain potential business by opting in to share your audit within the SCAN Repository.

Why promote the SCAN Association to my other clients?

By promoting your participation in the SCAN Association to clients outside of the membership, you will develop the opportunity to have fewer supply chain security audit requests, eliminate of audit fatigue, and reduce overall annual audit costs.

The best way to provide information about the SCAN Association is to send our information brochure, or pass along the website

For supplier inquiries regarding active audits or the SCAN repository, please contact the program management team at