Member Benefits

SCAN Member Benefits Include:

  • Increased organizational efficiency allowing resources that are dedicated to current audit programs to refocus their attention on other internal priorities
  • Access to a globally accepted standard for supply chain security criteria, streamlining audit reporting across industries
  • Standardized corrective action plans for consistent supplier expectations
  • An automated solution for sharing audit results while maintaining the confidentiality
  • Access to best practice solutions for managing global supply chain security
  • Global business partner mapping and an audit repository for all business partners within the supply chain

Supplier & Factory Benefits Include:

  • Fewer frequency of supply chain security audit requests
  • Elimination of audit fatigue
  • Reduced overall audit costs due to fewer audit requests
  • A set standard for supply chain security audit requirements and corrective action plans
  • To learn more about the audit repository and shared audit methodology, please contact us to schedule a walk-through of both the portal and audit procedures.

“Being a member of SCAN has done a ton for me.”

Ryan Klath – Member of SCAN Association

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